Why has Google made signing out so complex?

Is it just me or are you annoyed with Google too?

Disclaimer: Only for people using multiple google accounts at once to avail free Uber rides. 🙊🤫

man using gmail on imac

I use multiple Google accounts, mostly for work. And so I wanted to remove two of them as they were no more in use. In an ideal case, the task would have taken a few seconds and involved two simple steps that are clicking on the picture and hitting the sign out button.

However, thanks to Google’s recent update, the task is now pushed to multiple steps. That involves signing out from all my accounts and logging back to each of them individually. Again, this is only for those who use multiple accounts at once. If you have logged in to a single account, you would see a “Sign out” button at the bottom of the dropdown.

In a world where we give priority to user experience so much, I wonder what led Google to make this decision. Maybe this is some A/B test to study user behaviour or a result of some previously done tests?

I was intrigued to know the real reason behind this step. Therefore, thought of asking the company itself. I did a quick Google search, tried many keywords but failed to procure any definite answers. However, I came across a few interesting threads on Quora and Google support, where people were discussing a similar issue. Most of the users were equally clueless as I am. I found a hack available for Chromebook users but non for Mac or Windows.

What do you think could have been the reason behind removing the Sign-out button for users who use multiple accounts at once? If you have any answer or opinion about this, drop a comment 🤓

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