TechGIG UI Hackathon 2018

It was in late 2017 when an email landing to my mailbox from TechGIG (India’s largest online Tech community), informing me about an upcoming UI Hackathon. Every year TechGIG organises Hackathons for developers. However, in 2017 they introduced a new category under “Themes” that was crafted especially for Designers.

Therefore, without wasting even a minute, I registered myself to the event. Truth to be told, I never designed a website before this event. However, I took a chance, as I was already planning to make a shift from Graphic Design to UX.

The Hackathon was divided into three levels starting with a quiz, followed by a design project and the final presentation.


The first round was a Multiple Choice Question round that comprised of UI & UX questions related to typography, colour theory and universal design guidelines. I learned many new terms and principles while attempting this MCQ and thankfully was able to qualify the first round.


Those who qualified the first round were then handed with a problem statement. I was happy with the theme and felt privileged as I was already working in a similar industry. I began with creating user flows, followed by ideation, where I sketched different layouts on a paper. And finally converted one of them (that I was most happy with) into a High-fidelity wireframe.

Here’s what I designed:

Home Page
Search Result Page
Product Page
Cart Review Page

The result came out on the first weekend of January, where they shortlisted 15 designs for the final presentation. I was glad to find my name on the list. I then quickly booked my flight to Bangalore to attend the main event (February 2018).


The finale day was exciting. The aura was different, something that I had never seen before. My presentation took place right before lunch. I was nervous but somehow managed to keep a calm demeanour. Although I didn’t win the contest, I was glad to be part of it.

This event was a kick-starter to my UX journey, and I am happy that I took my chances. Sadly, they haven’t hosted any UI Hackathon after 2017. However, I hope that they do someday to inspire and encourage more designers like me. 😄

Here’s a glimpse of the event:

A token of love and appreciation from the TechGIG team.

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