Logo Design


Bumble Bee API
isango!’s brand new Architecture platform built using JSON.

Design Idea:
The style was inspired by the syntax used in JSON programming, which is {key : value} and the colours were picked from an actual bumblebee.


Masala Mojo
A food blog that focuses on quick healthy recipes and inspire people to eat healthy food.

Design Idea:
The idea was to create a brand identity. The key focus area were healthy, fresh and quick that helped in deriving the colors. The stamp style was picked keeping in mind the future ventures that the company was deciding to bring out.


Spooky Tree Creatives
A newly established copy writing and creative content agency based in London.

Design Idea
The basic idea behind the logo was to create a spooky effect along with creating a strong brand identity. The tree icon and the colours take its inspiration from Halloween.


Insights DNA
A company that providesstartups and small-mid size companies performance-driven solution backed by cutting edge data intel.

Design Idea:
The idea was to create a logo that was minimal, simple and delivered a clear message about the brand.