Loyalty Program Dashboard Design

isango!’s Loyalty Program was designed to encourage customers to return to the website and continue to shop with isango!. The program offered a rewarding scheme that was gamified for the user.

Defining the Problem Statement

5 set of questions that I asked before defining the problem statement.

What problem are we trying to solve?

Retain existing customers

How do we know this is a real problem?

Customers not returning to make a booking

Why is it important to solve?

To improve the overall business and to build a healthy relationship between the customer and the company.

Who are our users? What are their goals and motivations?

Those who have made a booking with isango! To find the tour or ticket they are searching for and get some benefit out of their purchase.

How will we know if we’ve solved the problem?

Increased booking resulting in improved conversion rate by the returning customer.

Problem Statement: How might we improve the conversion for our returning customer through the Loyalty Program?


  • Understanding the market product, business model and customer’s motivations.
  • Designing a dashboard that meets the core business goals and follows the brand values.
  • Creating a design that would keep the user engaged and will make them return to the website more often.

Ideation and Prototype

The ideation phase is where I started jotting down ideas that were crossing my mind. Followed by the creation of User Flow and Low Fidelity Wireframes.


User Flow

Design Approach

I took the gamification approach to create the Rewards dashboard. The aim was to keep the users engaged and to encourage them to complete the Rewards cycle.

To unlock the voucher the user has to complete a cycle for which he has to fulfill two criteria:

  1. User has to make 9 bookings
  2. User has to spend at least 850 Pounds (Amount may differ region wise)

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