Usability Enhancements on isango!’s blog: The Guidebook

What is The Guidebook?

The Guidebook is an informative, inspirational travel and lifestyle pieces for the readers around the world. Inspired by our love of all things travel, The Guidebook is cultivated and edited by our dedicated team of isango! writers and tourism experts. Each day we’re sharing our latest titbits of locale travel info, destination inspiration, worldly wisdom and much more so that you can get inspired, prepped and packed for your next adventure.

Evaluating the missing elements

The two biggest elements that we found missing on the website.

1. Footer

Technically, The footer is a place where we place trust badges, security stamps etc that can make the customers trust your site more and feel more confident navigating around.
From a users perspective, with the lazy load, the users were certainly unsure about their position on that particular page. SEO wise, a missing footer makes the site-map weak.

2. Like Button

Invented by the most famous app ‘Facebook’ says that “a  ‘Like’ is a way to give positive feedback or to connect with things you care about.”. With the similar logic we are giving our readers to express their love for our articles that they like. It also a more faster action to perform than ‘comment’ which will make the user more likely to use it.

Material Design Approach

The Guidebook design approach was based on ‘Flat Design’ which was great for the users who are highly receptive to digital interaction but ‘Material Design’ brought more of a reactive response to a user’s action.

Positive Traits:

  1. It may be aesthetically flat, specifically the colors, but it is multi-dimensional.
  2. It is attempts to marry the real and digital worlds with a minimalist approach.
  3. It subtly utilizes skeuomorphisms (a design concept of representing digital elements resemble the real-world elements).

Typography & Color

New Elements

Subscription Pop-up


Preview Screens

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